Welcome to Blogelina!

The internet has created a seemingly endless supply of opportunities for the average person to make a living online.

When Blogelina was launched back in 2010, launching a website and earning money from blogging or being able to start a side hustle (online or offline) was a relatively fringe-idea. Today, it represents a legitimate opportunity.

Our goal at Blogelina is to provide you with not only ideas, but tried and tested techniques, strategies and tools  that can help create your own successful blog, website or side hustle.  We invite you to grab a cup of your favorite beverage (that’d be coffee for us!) and take a few minutes to look around the site.

We’re currently in the process of updating our design, content and overall user experience so please bear with us. 

Who’s Running the Show?

Blogelina is our side-hustle. But when all is said and done, this website exists to further the idea that family is more important than anything else. We’re firm believers that you can create a life and lifestyle that prioritized the things that are most important to YOU. For us, that’s spending time together, raising happy and healthy children, travel and life-experiences.

A few years ago we made a decision to downsize our home and learn to get by with less in the way of material things. Ultimately, our goal is to spend as much time as possible travelling with our kids and and creating a life filled with experiences instead of things.

Ginger provides the wit, research, ideas, design and level-headedness required to keep both Blogelina and our family on the right track. She has a knack for entertaining people through her writing about our family travels. 

Daryn is a lifetime entrepreneur and seasoned digital marketer. He’s knee deep in all things internet related including helping manage strategy, content, SEO, design, sales funnels and automation for a successful 7-figure online business. 

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