the best places to find freelance blogging jobs

Freelance Blogging Jobs

As a freelance writer, I’m continually looking for ways to stand out among applicants with my resume and writing samples. Working with bloggers is one way to become profitable as …

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creative writing techniques

Creative Writing Techniques

Ever wondered why some books are so powerful that you can’t put them down? Have you ever asked yourself what that secret sauce is that keeps you turning pages? Did …

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WordPress Themes for Bloggers & Writers

WordPress is a website hosting platform used by millions of bloggers because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness. A large advantage of WordPress are the numerous themes to choose from. In …

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becoming an editor

How to Become an Editor

If you’re the type of person that sees typos every time you read, you could become an editor. You’d be surprised to find that an editing gig can blossom into …

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How To Avoid Passive Voice

A fantastic time was had by everyone. Or we all had a fantastic time. Passive voice and active voice. Every professional writer will advise you to learn how to avoid …

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How To Find Your Writing Voice

Have you ever read another writer’s post or article and thought, “I wish I knew how to write like them?” If you feel like your writing is missing a special …

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Effective Marketing for Introverts

The idea of being an introvert has become more socially acceptable in recent years, thanks mainly to the work done by Susan Cain. Many people misunderstand what introversion is, and …

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