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As a freelance writer, I’m continually looking for ways to stand out among applicants with my resume and writing samples.

Working with bloggers is one way to become profitable as a writer and create your dream career. However, to grow your career, you should be contributing to other blogs and websites as well as building your own.

If you’re looking for reliable sources for writing jobs, keep reading for the best opportunities. 

Freelance Writers Are In Demand 

Blogging is a crucial part of any brand’s marketing strategy. However hiring a full time employee to write quality articles within the company isn’t always what the company needs.

Freelance writers can be a huge help to small companies who don’t have the right people to do the writing for them on staff. As a freelance writer, the writing possibilities are endless. Technical documents, tutorials, instruction manuals, helpful articles, press releases, you name it. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

A great way to find your dream writing gig is by finding your niche or niches. By specializing in a topic or two, you become more valuable for your higher level of expertise on in-demand subjects.

Certain companies are searching for freelance writers with this kind of expertise. For example finance, wellness, and marketing are niches that you can specialize in.

It’s important not to pick a niche because you think it pays the best. Pick a niche that you already know a lot about or have a very strong interest in. You will spend time staying up to date on it and reading other articles about it, so it helps if you enjoy that.

You can choose something you don’t know anything about, but you should be willing to learn about that topic. If you love gardening, for example, you’ll enjoy writing about it for others.

Topics like technology are very profitable. It helps if you already have a good level of knowledge about the subject if you want to land the best freelance blogging jobs in this niche.

One way to demonstrate your expertise in a certain area is to start a blog about it. You can easily and quickly start writing in your niche and send potential clients to your website.

Another option for gaining writing experience is by guest posting. A guest post is an article you write for another website or blog for free. Think of it as an advertisement for your freelance writing business.

Other website owners in that niche will see your article and remember that you are a great freelance writer knowledgeable about that topic.

Guest Posting vs. Freelance Blogging

While being a guest writer is the perfect way to attract the attention of other websites in your niche, it can be hard to make money writing these posts. Most guest post opportunities aren’t paid jobs.

By making friends with other bloggers and writing on their website, you can build your connections in the writing community. Usually, you will get a link back to your website in exchange for a guest post.

The most significant advantage of guest posting is it allows you to write on an already-established website where potential clients will see you. 

Another benefit of guest posts is gaining more experience to add to your resume. After well-established magazines and websites see that you already have writing experience in your niche, they are more likely to hire you.

If you want to work for a traditional publishing company, these guest posts are guaranteed to get your writing noticed. 

Freelance blogging is different from guest posting because freelancers specialize in writing blogs and make money off of every published post. These writers post on their blogs or other articles or magazines.

They can take on projects anywhere from 500 to thousands of words. The pay depends on which company they work for, the length of the article, and your reputation in the industry. 

An essential part of a freelance blogger’s life is writing samples. Companies want to hire writers that have a lot of experience and knowledge about what they are writing.

Writing samples can come from a blog post that you’ve done, a guest post, or even small articles that you’ve written for free for a company. Make sure every sample you submit is relevant to your niche, and this effort will pay off. 

If you’ve never written guest posts or worked as a freelance blogger, it’s important to understand that this content is different from essays or school assignments.

There is a lot of white space in blogging, which means the paragraphs should be short and concise. And there should be only a few sentences in a paragraph, making it easy to read.

Subheadings are helpful to give the article more structure and break up any walls of text. The classic call-to-action is one of the most important parts since it reminds your reader what you want them to do.

7 Tips to Help You Land Your Next Freelance Blogging Job

Formal Education vs Practical Experience

I know this doesn’t happen in a day, but websites and magazines are much more likely to hire writers with either formal education or demonstrated results. If you major in creative writing, journalism, or business, your educational experience will make you stand out.

At the same time, don’t let the lack of a formal education stand in your way. Experience and street cred are even more valuable. If you’ve gotten your content to rank well in Google, that is the best proof you can have. Clients want results when all is said and done.


While it is unlikely that you will find the perfect ghostwriting job on a popular freelancing website, ghostwriting is still an amazing opportunity.

Ghostwriting can become a lucrative career, as long as you’re okay with not receiving credit for your work, not even on a byline.

If you want to find a job in the publishing industry, then this form of writing can help you get a head start. It gives you experience, which is much needed for every writer. Also remember that in most situations, lack of a byline means higher pay.

Build the Perfect Resume and Writing Samples.

When applying for a freelance writing job, your resume and writing samples are the deciding factors for the company.

Your resume should let the client know all about your previous experience writing about your niche, valuable references, and your writing quality. For the best chances, you should outline all of your achievements as a freelance writer and show off your skills

Content Mills

When first starting as a freelance writer, it is tempting to apply to work for a content mill immediately. But the truth is, these websites rarely have any real interactions with their writers. Also, these mills tend to have much lower rates than others.

Content mills aren’t all bad, however. They can help writers add needed experience to their resumes or even get a better feel for what it’s like writing for multiple websites.

However, while these content mills seem like an easy place to land work, it is crucial to actively seek out higher-quality clients with better pay.

Write Student Essays

While this is sometimes deemed an unethical field of work, there is never a shortage of jobs for student assignments. When doing these assignments, it’s important to be knowledgeable about whatever the topic is.

If you’re passionate about educational subjects like math or English, this career field might interest you more than other freelancing jobs. This has become a popular line of work due to students lacking writing ability. Kinda sad, right!?!

Promote Yourself

Whether you have a blog of your own or not, it’s crucial to get your writing in front of potential clients. Put yourself out there on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and build your name and a fan base that supports your work.

Ask your family and friends to check out your blog and other content as well. Remember that writers like to help other writers. So make sure to follow everyone back and never stop promoting (even when you’re busy)!

Scale-up When the Time Comes

After maintaining a successful freelance writing career for a while, there comes a time where you should expand. Running your blog, building your presence online, and connecting with clients can become tasks you are too busy to do.

You can leverage other freelance writers to help you. Proofreading, editing, and doing research are some of the more time-consuming activities that you might consider sub-contracting.

8 Websites to Look for Freelance Blogging Jobs

Explore high-quality leads and market your writing services using the following job boards explicitly made for freelancers:


ProBlogger is the one-stop-shop for writers who want to create and grow their businesses to make money blogging. There are over eight thousand posts available to help freelancers write at their peak levels and gain inspiration.

The in-depth tutorials, tricks, and tips on the website will help you keep up with the latest blogging trends. 

The website also has countless resources for writers looking for a platform, hosting services, or even blog designs. For freelancers struggling to edit their work, extensions that check your spelling and grammar are also available from the site.

No matter what aspect of your freelance career you need help in, ProBlogger has every resource to help you thrive.

The job board section of the website allows writers to filter opportunities by full-time, part-time, freelance, or contract. If you want to write about gardening and landscape or even skateboarding, this board is full of unique jobs that will be interesting for any freelancer.

To find the best high-quality jobs for ghostwriting, editing, and more, visit ProBlogger today. 

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs is the number one source for writing opportunities. Their high-quality systems help you filter jobs to narrow down your options. Because of their writing platform,

Freelance Writing Jobs can match the best writers with exclusive businesses. Their process ensures that talented writers find the high-paying jobs they need. 

This website recruits writers who create several different kinds of content. Whether you write blog posts, press releases, or email newsletters, there are hundreds of opportunities for you to scroll through.

Even smaller projects, like product descriptions, are all over the site. By signing up for this website’s writing platform, you can make more money than you expected. 

If you work remotely or are looking for a freelance opportunity in a specific city, Freelance Writing Jobs can help you. From Miami to Los Angeles, there are high-quality writing jobs for every freelancer.

Resources are also available to help you learn how to write for every niche, whether it’s aviation, business, or equestrian.  


For beginning freelance writers, the BloggingPro website lays out every opportunity. They have tons of postings for everything from blogging to copywriting jobs. While most listings on the site pay writers per post, not all of the rates are listed.

Some listings are from the client, while others are content mills or businesses. 

The site even has a service that helps writers produce the best content that attracts the right audience. With their industry connections, you can find hundreds of potential readers and build your writing portfolio immensely.

Since writers love to help other writers, this is a valuable resource to make connections in the community. 

This job board is updated daily with brand new blogging jobs, writing jobs, and more. If you’re looking for a full-time opportunity to become a technical writer, this is the place to look.

You can also find companies looking for copy editors, political writers, or copywriters on the site. If you’re looking for the next best high-paying blogging gig, check out BloggingPro. 

Writers Work

Writers Work is one of the best websites to launch your career as a freelance writer. You can create a professional online portfolio, gain access to writing tools, and even receive career training through the site.

Their services help you figure out how to find clients, how much to charge, and simply how to start with the online training courses. 

This website helps writers find jobs as quickly as possible by automatically matching them with the best writing gigs. Because of this, you don’t have to sort through irrelevant postings on many websites any more.

Writers Work makes it easy by finding the jobs for you first, then sending those recommendations straight to your dashboard. 

With the instant submission finder, Writers Work finds websites that will publish your articles, no questions asked. This applies even to first-time writers.

You can search for an extensive database of writer’s guidelines across thousands of companies and brands. For authors and editors looking to make their business thrive, Writers Work provides all the necessary tools.  


Thanks to MediaBistro, freelance writers can learn new skills, receive advice from trusted professionals, and even use tools to stay ahead of the game. This site also gives you the power to connect directly to hiring managers and get a head start on your freelance career.

By accessing MediaBistro’s educational articles and job boards, writers can learn how to build their media careers successfully. 

MediaBistro also offers a variety of online courses to help jumpstart freelance writers’ careers. Classes on how to master Facebook ads can help you spread the word about your blog all over the Internet.

The course on building an influencer community can help you create a group of strong supporters to boost your brand. Whether you want to build on your skills or learn new ones, these courses can help in so many aspects of your professional life. 

The job board helps freelance writers access high-quality jobs from the trendiest companies. There are a wide variety of listings, from freelance reporters and remote writers to beauty and style strategists.

You can search according to your career field and experience preferences to find the job best suited to your needs. 

Freelance Writers Den

For a reasonable monthly fee, writers can gain access to a community to learn how to grow their career and income on Freelance Writers Den. There are over a thousand writers, and a free guide is available to get a head start on this education.

Through this website, freelance writers can build much-needed business connections and relationships. 

If you’re looking for the perfect freelance writing job, the job board on the site is full of junk-free options. The Freelance Writers Den’s expert team searches writing jobs throughout the web and only advertises the best ones to you.

There are always new jobs since the board is updated twice every week. 

Thanks to the website’s new redesign, it’s much more user-friendly now. The login process is streamlined, the forums have been updated, and everything has been re-organized on the site to work even better.

But if for some reason you don’t love Freelance Writers Den, the membership is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime with no fees or consequences.  

Make a Living Writing 

Thanks to the Make a Living Writing website, writers can learn how to grow their income no matter the time of year. The website’s blog offers many educational articles from overcoming writing obstacles to strategies for scoring a meeting.

There are even writing contests held regularly to feature both seasoned and up-and-coming writers. 

One of the most significant benefits of this website is the online community of writers. There are over a thousand members that are passionate about writing, editing, and reporting.

The forums are open all the time, so new freelancers can get questions quickly for the problems they encounter. The exclusive quarterly boot camps can also help bring your content to the next level. 

For a reasonable monthly rate, members can access a job board that is entirely junk-free. There are no cheap jobs, only opportunities where you can grow your career. This exclusive access can help you not only gain attention but increase your rates more than you ever thought you could.

Everything you need as a writer, from constant support to educational articles, is available from the Make a Living Writing website.  


There are many advantages of a FlexJobs membership, from a vast, hand-picked job board to countless educational articles. Every job on the site is screened by humans to ensure legitimacy.

The only jobs that make it onto the site are the ones that pass the reviewing process. FlexJobs makes sure there are never ads, scams, or crazy business opportunities to distract you. 

Since the expert team reviews every company that lists jobs on the website, FlexJobs also adds helpful information about the business to help you learn more about it. This way, you will know more about the job you’re applying for.

There are many popular brands always hiring on the site, from Capital One to DVM Elite. 

Every time you log into the FlexJobs website, new jobs are waiting for you. They make it easy to navigate with tools to save your jobs, look at jobs you’ve recently viewed, and access your current job applications.

The checklists, courses, and guides help keep you motivated in your career and build your resume. With help from the writing experts at FlexJobs, you’ll find your dream freelance blogging job in no time. 


Build your ideal resume and provide the best writing samples and you’re guaranteed to find your dream writing gig. Finding the right freelance writing job takes time.

But with these job boards, you’ll soon gain lots of experience and build up your writing portfolio. Have you already used some of these writing sites?

Where do you usually look for writing jobs? Which ones have worked the best for you?