8 Awesome Mom Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

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Are you a mom filled with parenting advice?

Do you want to turn your hard-earned expertise into cash? Good news! Mom bloggers are some of the most successful content creators on the internet.

The nice part about mom blogs is you can use them to accomplish a variety of things. For example, a blog that inspires, offers DIY projects, parenting tips, or simply lets busy mothers like yourself know they’re not alone. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, mom blogs have something for everyone! 

Through this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • The best mom blogs to bookmark for inspiration
  • How to create your very own mom blog
  • Tips on how to find your niche
  • The right platforms for your voice

What is a Mom Blog?

There’s no specific definition for mom blogs. There are hundreds of mommy blogs available on the internet that cover a wide variety of niche subjects.

These blogs aren’t always about life as a mom. There are hundreds of blogs available on the internet that cover a wide variety of niche subjects that don’t always revolve around mommy life. 

Mom bloggers may specialize in different topics that interest them like product reviews, health, fitness, education, or any other topics that come with a busy mommy lifestyle! 

If you’re thinking about starting a mom blog, be sure to think outside the box, content-wise. There are so many money making blogs on the market, so it’s important to make your blog personal and unique to your parenting experiences to cut through the competition. 

Why You Should Start a Mom Blog:

There are tons of reasons to start a mom blog. Mom blogs are a great way for hard-working mothers to:

  • Share their individual passions through informative articles, tips, and tricks
  • Have fun with their own creative outlet
  • Earn money
  • Build a network and audience of other supportive moms
  • Build a brand and business!

Before deciding what kind of mom blog you want to write, check out some of the best mommy blogs below for inspiration.

8 of The Best Mom Blogs in 2020

Here are some of the eight best mommy blogs to use for inspiration. All of these blogs have one thing in common; they have a specific perspective or niche audience that makes them successful.

Not all of these blogs were started by stay at home moms either! You’ll see a nice mix of career fields in this list. You’re probably wondering how do mom blog make money?

To answer your question, we tried to feature public income reports and show you how these blogs gain revenue to give you ideas for your new blog.

1. What Moms Love

What Moms Love is a blog that focuses on parents, families, and children. Aly B. and her team of content creators have filled this mommy blog with helpful tips and tricks to make the life of a busy mom much easier. 

Many of the blog posts feature specific topics ranging from babies, older kids, family, and food. This mom blog even covers tips on products and safety for your family and healthy lifestyle advice. 

What Moms Love earns $30,000 a month through:

  • Sponsored content posts
  • Amazon affiliate product links 
  • Advertisements 

2. Mamavation

When Leah Segedie felt she had parenting advice that no one else on the internet was sharing, she started a mom blog! Mamavation is specifically focused on lifestyle parenting that helps families go green and live a cleaner life. 

Mamavation’s posts encourage eco-wellness for families everywhere, even if they think it’s too hard. The Mamavation community consists of supportive moms who are helping each other strive for a healthier environment. 

We couldn’t find a published income report, but based on its influencer network, ads, and features in the press, it’s a safe assumption that this blog is bringing in substantial monthly revenue. 

3. Modern Mom 

Mom bloggers Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt have teamed up to create ModernMom. This blog is a comprehensive shopping and advice resource for moms juggling professional careers and motherhood. 

Their content is curated by experts, authors, and professional bloggers who are also real moms all over the world. They have created a strong network of moms leaning on each other to advance their work and home lives. A public income report wasn’t available, but the website makes a commission from:

  • Affiliate product links
  • Amazon Services LLC Associates Program 

4. Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard runs a blog called Cup of Jo. She wanted to create a mom blog covering all sorts of mom-friendly topics that don’t necessarily revolve around kids. This blog started as a hobby and turned into a business. Joanna’s content writers cover news, culture, fashion, design, food, relationships, and more. 

A public income report isn’t available, but their website states that they make income through commission-earning product links, sponsored posts, and advertisements. Cup of Jo also states that they donate a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations with similar values. 

5. Filter Free Parents

Filter Free Parents is a parenting blog and community covering every stage of parenthood. Their blog celebrates these values in parenting: community, diversity, integrity, and more. Their content is filtered through a brutally honest voice that isn’t afraid to laugh at itself in the many missteps that come with parenting. 

Public income reports aren’t available for Filter Free Parents, but their audience has a large reach. The blog also has a podcast that’s available on Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more. They’re a member of the Mediavine Family and bring in income through ad revenue and affiliate product links. 

6. Really, Are You Serious?

Krystyn is a straight-shooting mother of four who wanted to create a blog that reflected her sarcasm and humor when it comes to parenting. Her blog, ‘Really, Are You Serious?’, covers her life as a wife and mother. Her hilarious articles feature funny personal stories of family vacations, cooking, working out, STEM, and other topics.  

Krystyn is a chemistry teacher turned graphic designer and blogger. A public income report wasn’t available for this blog, but their website states that they are an Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program participant. This means they earn advertising fees by linking Amazon products. 

7. Fab Working Mom Life 

The creator of Fab Working Mom Life is Julie, a military wife, and mother. She wanted to create a blog that covers the struggle moms face when they juggle home life, child care, and self-care, especially those who are also spouses to someone in the military. 

Her articles feature advice on finances, health, and kids’ emotions. Recent articles touch on current events like homeschooling in the pandemic and easing stressful situations while social distancing. She also shares words of affirmation and resources on starting a blog. 

Julie isn’t a full-time blogger. Like other blogs above, this blog earns commission from Amazon affiliate links. 

8. Working Mom Magic

Lauren is a mom with a career in TV and public relations who picked up the love of blogging from her time sharing parenting experiences on social media. As a mother of two, she works hard between her job and mom blog, posting about things like school projects, recipes and fitness, and resources to better parenting. 

Because Working Mom Magic isn’t a full-time business, it wasn’t easy to come by an income report for the blog itself. Her website states that any income made on the website is through cash advertising, sponsorship, and affiliate links. 

Ready to Start Your Own Mom Blog?

As you can see from this list of blogs, there’s plenty of blogging inspiration on the internet. And you can find hundreds of other inspiring bloggers while searching online! 

Don’t let that stop you from entering the market of mom bloggers. When it comes to parenting, everyone’s experience and voice are valued, making it an incredible creative opportunity! Now, let’s talk about how to create a mom blog and make it successful from the beginning. 

Finding Time to Build Your Business

If you’re not a stay at home mom, or even if you are, you may be overwhelmed by the idea of finding the time to start a mom blog that will make you money. How can you focus on your kids in your down-time if you’re always on your computer writing content?

You may think that time will cut into your other mommy responsibilities around the house (or just some time to do fun things for you)! 

Yes, starting a mom blog requires some discipline. But, you wouldn’t be reading this far if you weren’t interested! When it comes to starting a mom blog, you just need to carve out a time slot to work on your growing blog. 

This may be better for you than you think! Instead of spending time chilling in front of the TV every night, think about how good you’ll feel getting your thoughts out of your head and on virtual paper.

And that rush you get as you move closer and closer to your personal goals! 

By reworking a little bit of your free time and creating a structure, you’ll find it will get easier. Some moms suggest finding a time that works with your kid’s activities.

That way, while they have a set time dedicated to their hobbies, sports, and group activities, you can work on your blog.

Even 20 minutes of blogging here and there adds up! If anyone knows that life can be unpredictable, it’s moms. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t mom blog as much or as consistently as you’d hoped. In time, you will get better at making it all work, just like parenting! 

How Do I Get Started Making Money? 

After reading about the successful mom blogs above, you may be asking yourself, how do I make enough money blogging so that I can do this full-time? Before you get ahead of yourself, first, it helps to be uber-passionate about the parenting content you’re creating.

To be successful, you’ll need to love the things you write about and care deeply about your budding community. And then provide them with the most valuable resources and advice. 

The more your audience and traffic grows, the more likely you’ll have people clamoring to work with you.

It’ll be difficult to make money from your mom blog without an audience large enough to help you monetize your content. Unless, of course, you offer a service or class to your audience that is specific to you. 

After you’ve written your initial content and begun building your mom blog traffic, you can start to cater to your audience’s resources to expand your base even more. The more you help your readers, the more you will continue to grow. But first, you need to know how to create the right content strategy to find your audience. 

Identify Your Niche Audience

Before you start crafting a content strategy, you need to think about the niche audience you’d like to reach. When creating a parenting lifestyle or mom blog, it’s good to check out other blogs to see what audiences are out there. And which ones are you most compatible with. 

Search engines or social media sites like Pinterest are a great way to see the many topics covered across mom blogs. Try running different searches on topics you think you would like to cover or have expertise on. Think about who you relate to the most. 

  • Are you a single parent? 
  • A mom raising boys or girls? 
  • A stay at home mom with newborns? 
  • Think about whether your style of parenting is traditional or nontraditional. Do you live in a city, or do you have more rural influences in your lifestyle? 

Once you start thinking of the many ways your perspective and experience could influence your content, narrowing down your content and audience becomes much easier.

Find Your Passions and Create Your Content Strategy

When thinking about your content strategy, there are many ideas that can help get you started. It all comes down to figuring out what you’re most passionate about and where there are gaps in the niche audience you’d like to be a part of!

When you’re reading your favorite mom blogs, ask yourself what stands out. What subjects and article types do you see a lot of? Where are the gaps in the content? The best strategy is to identify the gaps and add them in to your blog articles.

After you’ve located the gaps, ask yourself, how can my passions influence the content I want to blog about? If you’re going to be a blogger, in the long run, you need to find what gets you excited easily. You’ll write a lot more if the subject is personal and inspires you. 

Consider writing content that’s based on your experiences and experiments! Blogs with how-to’s, recipes, travel stories, and advice are always helpful to moms. Perhaps you can garner traffic by featuring projects that showcase before and afters to build a mom blog community that’s trying new activities together. 

Pick a Theme

Creating a clear message and look for your business is another great way to make your mom blog memorable and eye-catching. Some people may call this an aesthetic theme. What they really mean is your website colors, your site design, your images, and especially your message.

A clear theme dripping with your personality and message makes your site look even more professional. With a clear theme and vision, even the newest mom bloggers can look like experienced professionals.

Larger companies are more likely to sponsor posts or affiliate links on blogs that have a clear, cohesive presentation. This is especially true if they have a similar theme and aesthetic.

Writing Eye-Catching Blog Posts

When people find your mom blog posts, you want to catch them at first glance to gain clicks. Here are some tips for writing the best content:

  1. Choose a catchy headline: Be sure that your headline gets straight to the point and draws the reader in by wanting to know more.
  2. Get straight to the point: Don’t waste your time getting to the topic at hand! If you fill your introductions with fluff that doesn’t get to the heart of why the reader is there, she will leave your website in a heartbeat.
  3. Make it clear and easy to read: Be sure to break your content down into clear sections with subheading so your reader can easily find the information they need.
  4. End with a call to action: Always end your article with a personal call to action to encourage your readers to stay engaged with your mom blog. For example, subscribing to your email list or leaving a suggestion for new content they’d like to see!

Use these tips and get closer to your blogging goals. Remember, developing mom blogs with heavy traffic takes time. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t see the results you want right away.

Choose Your Platform

After you find your audience and start creating your mom blog content, you’ll need to decide which site to use to build your website. Word Press is easily the most recommended platform for new bloggers.

The great thing about Word Press is that it’s free, making it easy to get started at a very low cost (for example, hosting and a domain name). Once you begin increasing your website’s traffic, you can invest in other helpful tools.

Word Press doesn’t sell tools, but other companies create and sell tools that work with it (called plug-ins) to help you make your site more secure or faster for example.

Select a Hosting Company

If you’re using Word Press, you’ll need a site host. This is the company that houses the data for your site and loads it on the internet to your visitors. For such an important job, you need to choose carefully.

Here are 3 factors to consider when choosing a host:

  1. Speed: Although this may not seem as important when you are first getting started, it’s best to choose a high-speed host for the long run. When your mom blog is covered in content and ads earning you commissions, you want those links to load quickly and be reliable. A high-speed website that loads quickly helps keep readers on your site and pushes you to the top of the search engine rankings.
  2. Uptime: We’ve all been there, sometimes the website crashes for any number of reasons. That’s ok and bound to happen, but it’s crucial to find a host with fast uptime for that reason. Sites that often crash and reload slowly can ruin a mom blog’s reputation. Be sure to look out for a host that has an uptime of at least 99.94%.
  3. Customer Support Services: Because technical difficulties happen, make sure the host you’re choosing is readily available with technical support when you need it. Between parenting and blogging, you shouldn’t have to worry about also being your own tech wizard.

There are many hosting companies available. Between cheap hosting, shared hosting, or managed hosting, there’s an option available that works best for every mom blog. Two of our preferred hosting options are SiteGround and GoDaddy.

siteground wordpress hosting

Consider what the size of your blog will be and space required to keep your mom blog running quickly when choosing a host. It’s always possible to pick a new host in the future as your business grows.


You can find your way in this popular market, whether you’re a career mom or a stay at home mom. Once you choose your exciting blog topic, use your passion to move forward. It will help you stay determined and stick with it.

Remember, the biggest factor between your mom blog and the competition is the effort you put into it and your refusal to give up. Now that you know how to create a mom blog, the best time to start is today!

Tell us what you’re working on today. We’d love to help you.